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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:  To guide children with exceptional needs to develop unique talents in order to become productive citizens in today’s society. We must work together to motivate and to provide opportunities for participation to the maximum extent possible in order that they may achieve their highest potentials; by setting high, yet realistic expectations!
  • To be committed to helping students succeed to the best of his/her abilities. 
  • To communicate a sense of caring through vocal/non-vocal expressions and positive interactions with students and parents.
  • To develop a “TEAM” relationship with parents, educational colleagues and community members.
  • To be flexible, yet self-directed in meeting the needs of all our students.
Overview:  The Special Education Division offers a wide range of programs to meet the individual needs of students with special needs. IDEIA eligible students are served as young as three (3) and up to twenty-one (21) years of age. Exceptional programs have been established to meet the unique needs of students with low incidence disabilities. Appropriate student identification procedures, achievement testing, innovative instructions and flexible scheduling require the participation of all school personnel.
As the West Point Consolidated School District strives to identify the potential of all students with disabilities, it is essential to identify “not yet eligible students” but also to maintain program collaboration with general educators in order to provide appropriate instructional opportunities.

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