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It is our vision that our students will develop into tomorrow’s workforce and leaders.  We strive to accomplish this through quality teacher-led instruction  along with hands-on lab activities that are based on current industry standards.


Our students are exposed to industrial quality machines and equipment in their classes.  This experience better prepares them to enter the workforce or to continue their education and training.


Our programs follow national standards which will allow our students the opportunity to earn national accreditation or certification  in their areas of study.

Notice of Non-Discrimination 


It is the policy of the West Point Consolidated School District to ensure fair and equitable educational and employment opportunities, without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, gender, age, or disability to all of its students and employees.


Any individual who perceives that he/she has been discriminated against under the provisions of this policy may contact the District Compliance Officer:


Title IX Compliance Officer

West Point Consolidated School District

PO Box 656

West Point, MS 39773



This program prepares students for employment or further training in the construction field, with an emphasis on carpentry.  In the first year, students will get an overview of carpentry, electrical, masonry and plumbing.  The second year of the program focuses on rough carpentry.  This curriculum was developed in partnership with the MCEF.  Upon successful completion of Construction, students may earn national certification through NCCER.

Students will be prepared to enter the hotel/restaurant management industry.  Instruction and lab activities are based on National Restaurant Association standards.  Students will be introduced to food preparation, sanitation, and management.  Upon completion of this two-year, students may earn national certification from the NRA.
Member:  FCCLA


Diversified Agriculture
Diversified Ag starts with an introduction to the sciences, technologies, and practices associated with modern agriculture.  The program progresses into two areas of focus—animals and plants.  Each of the two follow up courses build on the first course.  Students will learn the aspects of raising agricultural and domestic animals, management and conservation of natural resources and the environment, and growth and care of food, fiber, or ornamental plants.
Member:  FFA

After two years in this program, students will be prepared for employment or further training in the education field.  Students will experience teaching first-hand as they work with area childcare centers and schools.  Emphasis is placed on lesson plans, education, health and safety, nutrition, and state and national guidelines for childcare.
Member:  FCCLA


This is an introductory course to the field of engineering.  Students will learn the fundamentals and principles of design, materials, processes, and project management.  This course is based on 3D modeling in computer aided design software.  Students have the opportunity to use industry-grade equipment — 3D printer, CNC machine, laser engraver/cutter.  They will also build and program robots to perform various tasks.
Member:  TSA

Students will be introduced to the various healthcare fields and available occupations in the first year of this program.  They will also become CPR certified and will have the skills for entry-level assistant positions.  The second year of the program focuses on more specific skills necessary for the healthcare field.  Students will get hands-on training through clinical rotations with local medical institutions.
Member:  HOSA

This program will introduce students to math, blueprint reading, measuring, tool use, and machining skills.  The second year of the course emphasizes the various forms of welding and metal cutting.  Students who complete both years of the program may become members of the AWS and be certified by the NCCER.
Member:  SkillsUSA

C or higher in most recent English class
C or higher in
most recent Math class
TABE reading
and math score = 8th grade or higher OR Instructor Approval.



All students will have the opportunity to graduate as

the National Technical Honor Society.  They must complete both courses of a program of study with an “A” average.


Students may also graduate with the Mississippi Tech Master honor if they meet the requirements set forth by the Mississippi Economic Council.

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